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Expand our trading software Qbil Trade effortlessly

Our ERP Qbil Trade already offers many basic functions that help you to optimize your business operations, so you can adapt quicker to change and grow your business. However, you may still feel the need for more functionalities for your specific purposes. Then why don’t you use our modules? These will boost your business, when it comes to managing transactions in ingredients and raw materials.

Make offers 

Create quotations to include or exclude in the trading position, and turn them into a contract with one click.


Make calculations prior to drawing up a sales contact. Include all costs, from the purchase of goods to interest costs, during the total payment lifecycle.

Buy and sell directly 

Process individual purchases and sales without commercial contracts.

Brokers and agents 

Deal with commission from brokers and agents, from contract to purchase invoice.

Dry matter and fat content processing

Process dry matter or fat content on contracts, calls, orders and invoices. Make deals based on the measured content and use these values for billing.

Qbil iReports Apple App 

Real time insight in stock levels at all times, item lists, contract information. All details of relations at hand, such as name and address. Download the free app in the app store.

Currency hedging 

Limit the impact of currency fluctuations through currency hedging. This is possible in various ways within Qbil Trade. We realize the desired configuration for you. 

Free-form documentation

Create and sent free-form documents. If you wish so, you can insert a table form MS Excel.

Quality Assurance 

Manage and monitor certifications. Be sure not to send contracts to parties without valid certification in your system.

Stock building on-premises

Manage your own warehouse or production facility. A surcharge may apply, in the case of a weighbridge coupling.

Scheduling screen

View your planning with an agenda-like look and feel. As an alternative to this module, both the planning report in Qbil Trade and the LCC can be used.

Logistic Control Centre (LCC) 

Observe all logistic movements in real time with this extended version of the scheduling screen.

Mass Balance 

Mass Balance is all about mixing fossil and recycled or renewable raw materials. Companies often say goodbye to fossil fuels gradually. Let Qbil Trade support this process. 

Mixing and producing

Mix and produce endlessly and keep the traceability of batches intact.


Create CMR waybills and print them from the transport orders screen.

Proforma invoices

Create and send proforma invoices from a contract, without sending them to the accounting department. If they do have to go to accounting, Qbil Trade easily takes care of it.

Other invoices

Create and send other non-trade related sales invoices. 

Interface Exact accounting software

Send sales invoices and processed purchase invoices to accounting. Export debtors and creditors (if the accounting system allows you to).

Real-time credit and position limits

Ensure that users receive an immediate alert when a credit limit is exceeded. Users can also get blocked. This is only possible with Exact accounting software. 

Scan and recognize purchase invoices

Automatically read purchase invoices into your system, link them to expected purchase invoices, and forward them to the accounting department.

Intrastat declaration

File an Instrastat declaration effortlessly, thanks to the correct link for intracommunity deliveries.

Which ingredients (modules) do you need?

Turn modules on and off any time you like. Not sure about the best option for your company? Then please contact us. Thanks to our experience, we can advise you on which modules are best suited for your needs.


Throughout the year we provide training and workshops. This helps new employees to start immediately using our software. Experienced users can also benefit from our programs, because we continuously update our software. They learn to get even more out of it.

Customer Support

Do you have any questions or do you need help? You can reach us on workdays via the support portal in Qbil Trade, but also via email and telephone. We are familiar with your environment and can help you quickly.


Take your trade to the next level

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